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If you have ever wanted to store data temporarily in your Delphi Win32/Win64/MacOS/Android/IOS, C++ Builder or FPC application, and you at the same time wanted full access to the data as if they were stored in a database table, you have the right solution here. kbmMemTable is a full TDataset compatible in memory table loaded with functionality.

Exists in 3 editions:

  • CodeGear Edition (Free - Infoware, no source, included in kbmMW CodeGear Edition package)
  • Standard Edition (Require an up to date Service and Update subscription, includes source)
  • Professional Edition (Only bundled with kbmMW Professional or Enterprise Editions, includes source)

Partial featureset:

  • No need for the BDE. Make a full fledged application with data storage using only kbmMemTable.
  • Fastest memory table around. Benchmark 1 Benchmark 2
  • Full expression filtering supported.
  • Advanced index support incl. filtered indexes and more.
  • Full support for search and locate both using indexes and not.
  • International sort orders supported for indexes.
  • In memory compression of data.
  • Full range of fields supported incl. blobs.
  • Full support for all data aware controls.
  • Easy interaction with other TDataset descendants.
  • Supports multiple cursors to the same physical in memory data.
  • Full support for transactions (StartTransaction, Commit, Rollback).
  • Standard Edition and Professional Edition includes full source
  • Tens of thousands of users worldwide!
  • Comprehensive help file available.
  • Supports Win32, Win64, MacOS and Linux.
  • Support for Delphi/C++/RAD Studio 2009/2010/XE/XE2/XE3/XE4/XE5/XE6/XE7 (Win32/Win64/MacOS/Android/IOS where applicable) and FreePascal supported. 
  • SQL support optionally available, including SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE, GROUP BY, ORDER BY, custom functions etc.
  • ... and the list continues

If you would like to support the continued development of the best, most feature rich and fastest in memory table, go buy kbmMemTable Standard Edition or kbmMemTable Professional Edition (as part of kbmMW Professional or kbmMW Enterprise Edition).

* Note: that Infoware means You must send an email to specifying you are using it and for what purpose. You are also required to read the license agreement in the start of the source code. By using this component you are agreeing to the license agreement.